On May 23rd, Trinh Thang Binh held a late birthday party/ mini show for all his fans at the Villa Club.  Although this is his first show since the departure from Quang Vinh Co., Binh opted to sing live for all his adoring fans. And he definitely did not disappoint.

Beside fans, many singers including Yen Nhi, Anh Quoc, Kelly,  Tung Lam, V. Music and Ngo Thien, came to show their support and help celebrate the special day.

Here are some pictures of the birthday bash.

MC Yumi was the night’s hostess.
Anh Quoc
Hot girl Kelly

Binh and Yen Nhi teamed up for a duet performance of “Yeu Em Mat Roi/ Love You Already.”  Although the pair has not performed together since Valentine’s Day of last year, they did not miss a beat.
The singer celebrated his birthday with a giant cake.