Can you guess who owns this red-hot Mercedes Benz SLK 200?

The owner is none other than soccer star Cong Vinh, who reportedly dropped a whopping $106,000 USD for it. But, the soccer stud isn’t keeping this all to himself. He often lends it out to friends on their special occasions. How nice is that!

Yet, Vinh can’t outmatch the generosity of striker Thanh Binh.  He reportedly purchased a white Mercedes Benz CLS350, priced at $158,000 USD, for his wife on Valentine’s Day. Then, gave his parents a $50,000 Mitsubishi Grandis as a ‘thank-you’ gift for their support. How sweet is he?

Goalkeeper, Manh Dung, also followed the luxury-car trend and bought himself a Lexus RX350 for a cool $79,000 USD.

Not to be outdone by the soccer brigade, singer/performer Ung Hoang Phuc and Ly Hai each owns not one but multiple luxury cars.

Phuc’s collection includes the Camry, Vios, Mazda 3, Innova 7 and his current prize-possession, a red BMW 328i convertible priced at $110,000 USD.

Similar in taste, Ly Hai also owns a Camry and an Innova 7. However, his dream car, a white Audi TT, is a bit more expensive with a $130,000 USD price-tag.

However, the guys aren’t the only ones dropping some major cash.

Tang Thanh Ha recently purchased an Audi A6 at a discounted price of $100,000 USD.

Last but not least is model Trang Nhung, who spent an approximately $79,000 USD for this white Audi A4.