Recent talks among Vietnamese cinephiles and fans alike are causing quite a stir over an upcoming movie project set to be released in 2011.

Director Le Bao Trung (whose works include De Muon, Vo Lam Truyen Ky, Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet) has announced that he is currently working on a horror film that will be available in both 2-D and 3-D viewing, a first for Vietnam.

Making a 3-D film has been a longtime dream for Le Bao Trung, but it was not until recently that he was able to turn this dream into a reality. Le’s recent participation in a conference on 3-D film held in Hong Kong has opened up new possibilities. Although poor equipment and technology have traditionally been obstacles on Vietnam’s creative path, Le hopes to overcome these hurdles by receiving support from professionals in the conference network.  The movie itself will be filmed using a special 3-D camera similar to that used by James Cameron in his production of Avatar.

Bao Trung in 3D film conference (far left)

The film is titled Truy Sat Hon Ma (Hunting for Dead Souls) and follows a touching storyline with a humorous and horror twist. Le further reveals that the plot will cover social issues concerning violence such as violence in schools. Given that 3-D movies are generally well received by Vietnamese audience, Le is confident that they will support him in paving the way for 3-D film-making in Vietnam.

There are certainly skeptics, however, who are not quite enthusiastic about Le’s 3-D idea. According to an online forum member, “Choosing to create a 3-D film while the trend is still hot at the moment is commendable. However, this project might not be fitting in Vietnam where movie quality is very much lackluster. We need to work on improving movie quality before taking on an ambition such as this one. Furthermore, there are plenty of talented filmmakers who are choosing to say ‘no’ to 3-D films right now.”

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