Recently, news of Ho Ngoc Ha’s marriage to a wealthy individual at the age of 16 has been in circulation these past weeks and considerably impacted her life that even her current boyfriend Cuong Dola has spoken up.

We’ll be summarizing an article from a police newspaper written by Officer Gia Bao, a former journalist, regarding the singer’s first wedding citing Nguyen Huu Nung, a businessman who claimed to be a friend of Cuong Dola’s mother, as its main source. The article was written as:

Ho Ngoc Ha’s first spouse was Pham Quang Hung, aka Hung “Quat”, a son of a well-known businesswoman in the real estate industry stretching from Hanoi to HCM city. They own a series of buildings and shopping stores along the most expensive business street in Saigon- Nguyen Trai and District 1. Hung is known for his luxurious lifestyle that includes racing bikes and collecting cars.

He met the singer at New Century night club in Hanoi. At that time, she was wearing a tank top revealing her flawless shoulders that took Hung’s breath away. They went into his car and left the club together that night.

Since then, she started her dream life and things went the way she wanted. Hung’s mother said, at that time, Ho Ngoc Ha announced to the family that she was pregnant. When Hung’s mother received the news, she hurriedly arranged a wedding for the couple to avoid the unpredictable mouth of the public. During this time, Ha was only 16 years old and was illegal for marriage.

It was told that Hung’s family was rushing to her family in Quang Ninh province on an early Monday morning for engagement talks. When they reached her house, it was already dark outside. Her house was poorly built, and the entire family, from her grandmother to the grandchildren, lived there. The family was unnaturally quiet and shy.

The wedding was held in the summer of 2001 at the 5-star Daewoo hotel. The costs were around $20,000, equivalent to $70,000 today. The groom was in a lavish vest looking like a Hollywood star and Ho Ngoc Ha was a young, yet beautiful bride. Only a few family members of Ho Ngoc Ha showed up at the wedding on April 21st, 2001.

But the divorce happened just as fast as her wedding, easy come easy go. Ha dropped out of her school when she was playing a role in the TV drama “Hoa Co May.” By that time, her ex-mother-in-law discovered that Ha was never pregnant. The mother was extremely devastated and forced the couple into a divorce because Ho Ngoc Ha had deceived the entire family for membership sake. Hung’s mother forced Ha to sign a paper promising to leave Hung for good and would not be asking for any property. Ho Ngoc Ha signed the paper and left the family.

That was basically the storyline of the letter. Cuong Dola could not stand letting Ho Ngoc Ha be insulted, especially when she’s carrying his blood. He has finally raised his voice to protect her. He made it clear that he never bought her a car or a house; all were attributed to her hard work. He also mentioned the businessman who revealed this story was never a friend with his mother. They also denied the rumor that Ho Ngoc Ha was in the US waiting for the labor as they were spotted having coffee in Saigon.

Ho Ngoc Ha along with her mother has sought consultation from a lawyer about her and her family’s dignity being distorted and her privacy being exposed. She also affirmed that she was not 16 but rather 17 because she was born in 1984 and that she was also never pregnant. However, she did not deny the marriage or the relationship she had with Hung “Quat”.

Everyone has his/her past.  And having mistakes is absolutely inevitable. If the story was true then we could see her sacrifice for betterment of her family. However, people can also say that her purpose was merely money and she took advantage of Hung for her own desire, especially now she’s dating another famous wealthy man and got pregnant; it seems like history is being repeated.