Guess who’s Queen of the dance?

Ngo Thanh Van, actress and now dancer, was crowned winner of “Buoc Nhay Hoan Vu” after nearly 3 months of competing. The show’s finale featured live music acts and a series of performances from both Van and her rival, Doan Trang. During the final voting process, the audience was treated to a brief routine by returning cast members. Here are some of the night’s highlights:

Ngo Thanh Van’s daring moves:

Doan Trang’s theatrical pieces:

Some pictures of the returning cast:

Quang Vinh

Tien Doan

Phuong Thanh

Luong Manh Hai

Minh Beo

Special awards were also given out to individuals and to pairs. The winners for:

  1. Most beautiful pair: Luong Manh Hai & Anna Nikolaeva
  2. Pair that left the strongest impression: Minh Beo & Lili Velichkova
  3. Most popular pair: Siu Black & Ivan Spasov
  4. Most Natural Pair (Benefactor’s Choice): Siu Black & Ivan Spasov
  5. Queen of Latin: Doan Trang
  6. Queen Standard: Ngo Thanh Van
  7. Bronze Award: Siu Black & Ivan Spasov
  8. Silver Award: Doan Trang & Evgeni
  9. Gold Award: Ngo Thanh Van & Tisho