July 2010

In celebration of our freshest female rapper finally ready to drop her long awaited debut album in approximately 3 days, Vietchannel has teamed up with Miss Isabelle Du (Suboi’s manager) to treat you to an exclusive reader incentive. That is, a free signed “BUOC/WALK” CD from Suboi, herself.

To enter? (more…)


Anh Minh, since disbanding from duo girl group Puriti with Christine Thuy Huong, has  successfully launched her her own solo career. (more…)

In a recent photoshoot themed “A Time For Us” by famous photographer Milor Tran, Vpop’s familiar “Mua Ky Uc” couple reunites as…a pair of stiffened property. Check it:

Ly Tong, 65, a self-proclaimed anti-communist “freedom fighter” best known for a 2008 hunger strike aimed at persuading San Jose officials to name a retail district “Little Saigon” resurfaced at a concert armed with pepper spray while being disguised as an old woman (someone get this man to a retirement home).


… while catching some much needed Zzz’s.


…As singer, dancer and now soccer player?