Speaking of cute random photoshoots, when it comes to cute pairings, Vpop’s self-proclaimed dorks, Ngo Kien Huy and Dong Nhi, surely takes the cake.

With never-ending jokes always up their sleeves, Ngo Kien Huy & Dong Nhi are known to have had many successful collaborations due to their chemistry on & off stage. As revealed this week, it seems that this “chemistry” will  also be gracing a certain upcoming TV series.  Huy recently shared with Zing, “Nhi & I are only in the negotiation stages with the producer, so when more accurate information is known, I’ll share it later!”

In other news, after releasing his latest single, “Nhip Tim/Heartbeat”, for a documentary produced by Redcross (Vietnam), Ngo Kien Huy is currently planning for his 3rd album.

Dong Nhi, on the other hand, is still preparing for  the release of her forever-and-a-day-delayed debut album (girl needs to get on that shit and get it over with). The album & MV’s are currently set for early September, last we heard of it..but, of course, knowing Dong Nhi, this is bound to change any time. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and wait when time tells.