Being one of the most well-known models in the field, Vinh Thuy was always wise and cautious in avoiding “shocking” questions often raised by interviewers.

As with his famous rumored relationship with Miss Vietnam 08 Thuy Lam (now married and even recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy), Vĩnh Thụy has always tried his best to avoid contributing to any of the press’s gossips & headlines. However, in a recent interview with pictorials, Vinh Thuy has finally admitted his scandalous tattoo to the public:

The permanent words seen tatted on the model’s side, Thuy Lam, though unaccented, actually stands for Thụy – Lâm (Vĩnh Thụy & Thùy Lâm) rather than just Thuy Lam’s name like everyone predicted.  Either way, let’s get real. What happens when the tats outlast the relationship? (and they usually do) Vinh Thuy’s simple solution to this issue’s got us baffled. Two lines across the ex-lovebird’s names (as seen above, though not clearly) will apparently do the trick. According to Vinh Thuy, this was a means of erasing the memories after their break-up.

In other news, director Le Bao Trung‘s 30 episode drama, ‘Ngay Cuoi/Wedding Day” featuring Vinh Thuy as the male lead, is currently no longer airing due to production problems. According to reliable sources, Vinh Thuy is also thinking of temporarily “disappearing” from showbiz due to personal problems.