Well damn, it’s about time.

Miss I-am-late-for-everything is finally jumpstarting official promotions for her official debut album nearly 3 years after her official artist debut with the  insanely popular, one hit wonder, “Khoc/Cry”.

(Editor’s note: please notice that the phrase “one hit wonder” is clearly modifying the song, not the artist. Yes, I know that Dong Nhi is a 572304-hit wonder, but the point made here is that “Khoc” bolstered her to fame as it was such an instant success for a debut. By no means am I insinuating that she only has one  “decent” hit–which obviously isn’t true, yes I am aware–for those so quick to nitpick. :)).

And as teased in these photos (courtesy of YanTV), girl’s doing plenty of that (crying). Perhaps one of these MVs will be for this ever pop classic? You tell me:

I spy Ong Cao Thang.

Guest-starring on YAN Asia:

Talking about the album on the Gold Album show and performing a new self-composed song, “Lanh Lung/Cold”, while still sick: