A recorded 1000 Ha Noi students gathered at Tay Son Street in Dong Da district for Blood Donation–Youth Day (organized by Sign In to Shining) to promote and donate blood while engaging in a little collective dancing.

Students from the University of Natural Sciences (Hanoi National University), National Economics University, Institute of Banking, Foreign Trade University and the University of Culture formed nearly 20 lines in length and as far width as the courtyard allowed.

However, minutes into their routine, the students were drenched by heavy rain. But proven to be true flash mobbing junkies, the mob danced on. No worries for those that donated blood. They were ordered to rest and could only observe the performances from the sidelines. Check out the pics from August 28th below:

Editor’s note: We realize that this  happened more than 3 weeks ago, but only because we wanted to find a clip of the dance that this post has been on-hold since ever. However, we still have yet to find any videos so.. suckitup sorry! ;P