It has been a lengthy period since the last time Mai Phuong Thuy returned to her home city, Hanoi, and upon returning, here’s what the former Miss had to share:

It’s been like this every year. Whenever I return, I’m swept with this indescribable feeling of happiness.  I love Hanoi to the point where I even think no one loves it as much as myself.  Looking at each tree, street corner,  each fence or street filled with green plants, it all arouses many childhood memories.

Being a Hanoian baby, you must have a lot of childhood memories, right?

I do have a lot but wish to keep them to myself as it feels like sharing it to everyone, the feelings won’t be the same anymore.  There are some memories which aren’t conveyed through words but through pictures, feelings and even senses… Like ..even one autumn breeze can make the leaves turn gold, fall into patterns, and sometimes thickly covering the yard…sometimes, the spicy smell of burning leaves are easily present on those dry days.

Only a couple of more days until the 1000 years anniversary of Thanh Long Hanoi. Do you have many things planned for those days?

I will get to wear a traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai by famous designer Vo Viet Chung to participate in the “Hoi Trung Duong/Trung Duong Festival” on the fourth of October at HCMC. After that, I will also be participating in a parade on Oct 7-8 there.

You are  one of the most successful Miss Vietnam with a large following of fans that idolize you. Is there anyone that ‘you’ idolize?

I don’t really idolize anyone but, I do have admirations for many. For example, Monet for his paintings, Haruki Murakami for the novel Norwegian Wood, Micheal Jackson for his outstanding talent and contributions to the world of pop music, Carla Bruni for symbolizing elegancy and Johnny Depp for his irresistible ‘charisma’. Also, Bill Gates for his economics success and Ngo Bao Chau for her passions in science.

Besides talent, fans also admire your elegant beauty. Can you share some secrets in keeping a perfect body image?

Very simple, I buy a scale and let it “speak the truth” three times a day! *laughs*

Are you the “brand-name” luxury-item-only type?

No, just a “If-it-looks-good-I’ll-buy-it” type.

What are your thoughts on materialistic stars indulging on many expensive items when they could’ve used that money for more productive means like donating to charity?

Well actually, if they suddenly stopped buying these items, thousands of people who work in that industry would be unemployed since their products aren’t being invested in anymore. Wouldn’t these workers then be the charity?

You have been a charity-related star since day one, what is the motivation for your actions?

I am just lucky to be born and raised, with enough conditions to study and develop, knowing that there are many less fortunate people out there that has been under-privileged since birth.  Because of that, I like to dedicate a lot of my time to care, share and help people through these charities.