The interesting trio consisting of famous singer Phuong Vy (also Coca Cola’s Vietnamese spokesperson), rapper Tien Dat (Mr. Dee), and rising talent from Youtube fame Thai Trinh (most may know her from her Acoustic version of Le Cat Trong Ly’s “Being a Girl is Great”), were recently recruited to join voices for the Vietnamese version of Coca Cola’s global “Open Happiness” campaign. In comparison to the last Coke ad starring Phuong Vy and fellow Music Faces member Pham Anh Khoa…and a random “Brrr” guy, “Open Happiness”, or “Mở ngày hứng khởi” in Vietnamese, is an actual full length MV. The song also hints a slight tune of Knaan’s “Waving Flag” anthem in the intro since Coca Cola was also the sponsor of the Hoa Nhip Ban Tre concert which hosted Phuong Vy & Knaan’s world cup season collaboration.

Behind the scenes:

and for those that haven’t seen the “Brrr” ad yet: