How do you follow up on your own successful debut album such as “Ba Cham/3 Dots“? (and I’m telling you, that shit was absolutely everywhere when I was in Vietnam this summer.) Do like Noo; keep it simple and release a single just as equally good. Easy enough, right? You’d be surprised at the number of recent artists already with a well-received¬†image to their name that just had to go and fuck up everything by attempting some crazy “bizarre” concept for change. Not pointing fingers of course. However, I’ve digressed.

The only “Change” we actually get to see here, is in the actual title of the single itself: “Doi Thay/Change”. Otherwise it’s Vpop’s daily dose of soft ballads and depressing tunes, although something about the boy’s melodious voice just makes these songs that much more tolerable. And shall I add, “Hanh Phuc Thoang Qua” (released earlier last month exclusively via YanTV) is an absolutely gorgeous song! The single, which includes title track “Doi Thay“, 3 bonus tracks, and 2 extra music videos, was released this past Thursday (September 30). Check them out below:

“Doi Thay/Changes” (composed by Nguyen Hoang Duy)

“Hanh Phuc Thoang Qua/Transient Happines”s (composed by Nguyen Dinh Vu)

“Too Late” (composed by Nguyen Hoang Duy)

“Yeu Lam Chi/Why Fall in Love” ft. Thuy Tien (Composed by Sy Luan — cover of H.A.T‘s original version)