Out of the thousands of (talented, untalented, and otherwise just plain interesting) contestants that have tried out for this year’s Vietnam Idol competition, Tran Phuong Ly was definitely an unexpected name on the roster for participants.However, she managed to prove herself by having gotten this far in the rounds. Who knew girl could sing much less sangggg? And to everyone’s surprise, the 90-er was able to step out of sister/singer Phuong Linh‘s shadows and right into the limelight as one of the Top 8 Females on the Top 16 list:

Congrats to Ly and the other 15 who made the cut!

Vietnam Idol Season 3 premiered on VTV6 on August 21, 2010 and currently airs two episodes every Tuesday and Saturday together with a daily five-minute news. The winner will receive $20.000 in cash and a recording contract.

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