Singer/VN idol judge Siu Black and actress/former model Anh Thu have recently joined the nunnery for the latest action-packed comedy titled Em Hien Nhu Ma-So (Sisters)!

the hilarious Siu Black (left) vs. the calm Anh Thu (right)

After 10 years of long absence, Emme Tien (Siu Black), a former singing star, returns to the stage. Tran Han Vi, her gay impresario, planned her comeback. To settle an old score, he cheats her of her money. Feeling defeated, Emme Tien walks home, and stumbles onto a Buddhist martial arts student nun, Tinh Duc (Anh Thu), who is on a secret mission returning a priceless religious artifact. Both of them witness a murder by mafia boss Tu Tay Sat’s son, Doan Phuoc Vinh. Entangled with the underworld, they take refuge inside a church. Through hot city chase scenes, exciting kungfu fighting, and funny mistaken identities, Emme Tien and Tinh Duc form an unlikely but solid friendship. (synopsis from Saillywood’s website)

Although many netizens are worried about the storyline’s similarities to Emile Ardolino‘s 1992 hit Sister Act, Vietnamese-American director Hoàng Thiên Trụ reassures that they are not alike at all.

Anyhow, the new flick, produced by Galaxy and Saillywood Film Factory, has already begun filming since August 19th and is predicted to premier this Christmas season with currently only Stephane Gauger’s Saigon Yo! as competition.

Here are more pictures from the set: