Does the label “Hoang Tu Son Ca” (Prince of Songbirds) ring any bells? Perhaps too easy?

Quang Vinh recently revealed that Mariah Carey has been his idol for the past 15 years. Taking advantage of the 2 free days from his busy schedule, Vinh flew to Singapore to watch Miss Mimi perform in the Annual Formula 1 Event. And even though the short vacation consisted of long queues from 5PM to 11PM, it was eventually worth the wait after finally seeing her perform consecutive 16 songs in one night.

Vinh also took some time to go shopping and enjoy the best foods that the Lion City had to offer.

Well, it appears that the singer really enjoyed himself in Singapore. Now go back and churn out a decent album please. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any recent hits, hasn’t it? Maybe he’ll pull a Mariah Carey and come back with a bang? Maybe.. yes.. hopefully..