… some girls just have all the luck. *Jealous.

The “Lang Lang Tren May/ Silently on Clouds” singer was more than shocked to receive 9142 stems of flowers and a card signed by a secret admirer on her birthday. The mystery person beautifully wrote:

Tinna, if I may present to you these blooming flowers. 9142 flowers for the 9142 days you have seen the break of dawn. Although, perhaps you have never counted the days you’ve been in this beautiful life. I would like to wish you a happy birthday, much happiness, success in life and the opportunity to compose many more songs.

In truth, this incident had taken place nearly a month ago. Tinna had wanted to keep the sweet gesture to herself initially. However, after much contemplation she wanted to reach out and publicly thanked her mystery man for the most romantic gesture she has ever received. It was like a scene out of a movie and this has given her more faith in the best things in life.

The singer had to move and remove a majority of her furniture in her home to make room for each bouquet. Each bundle was placed with care where she could easily see them from all angle.