In celebration of the 1,000 years anniversary of Hanoi (how many times have you heard us say this already ? o.O), Hanoian stylist Hoan Khang who is currently living & working in HCMC has joined the plethora of artistic tributes by creating his own photobook, titled “Đẹp mãi ngàn đời/A Thousand Years of Beauty“.

The book’s most notable aspect is the fact that all models involved are 9X’s (90-ers) such as Phuong Mai (Top 15 Miss Vietnamese World), actress Mai Chi, Huyen Lizzie, Thuy Anh, Duong Mac Anh Quan, hotboy Le Huynh Anh, Miss Teen 09 finalist Thuy Chi, etc. Furthermore, these models will be specifically dressed  in costumes/outfits by designers Nhat Huy Ngo, Thuan Viet, Cao Minh Tien, Minh Chau and photographed at many famous locations in Hanoi such as Lake Sword, the Temple of Literature, Chu Van An Middle School, etc.

“The photobook will especially honor young Hanoian women in their Ao Dais, though simple but still boldly  accents their femininity and elegance. Images of the capital with each of its street corner, familiar roads and the likes will provide the backdrop for these portraits.” stylist Hoang Kang shared.

Besides makeup artist Dung Nguyen, the photo book will also see the participation of many talented 9x photographers like Kien Tran, Khanh Antoniblue, Khoa Viet, Ly Ba Duong, and Quan Alex, to name a few.

Below are some recently released photos from photographer Khanh Antoniblue’s set featuring Bo Tu 10a8‘s adorable fashionista, LaLa (actress Mai Chi), and my future kid. *kidnaps*