Even when their debut date is far from being revealed (and it won’t be revealed until they hit  the 20,000 fans mark), the five members of an ‘in-the-works’ group called 365 (Three sixty-five), under record label VAA (founded by Ngo Thanh Van), have been all the buzz amongst netizens these days.

It has hardly been a month since the group was unofficially publicized (though have been recruited and  trained for more than 6 months now), their Facebook has managed to generate over 5000 fans already.  Furthermore,  it appears that of those 5000+ fans, 2000 were only from within the course of this week. Keep this up and 20,000 should hardly be a problem. As expected from  Ngo Thanh Van to hire someone with clever marketing techniques like Gào Tanny (who also recently published a novel called Nhat Ky Son Moi/Lipstick Diary under VAA) as their manager, the boys could very well be on the verge of becoming something groundbreaking.

Gao (3rd from left) & NTV (middle)

But how exactly is  Ngo Thanh van’s plans anymore promising than Ung Hoang Phuc‘s “no-progress” proposition to Vpop nearly a year ago, considering Huyen Baby‘s recent retreat from WMA already?  Well for one, the trainee villa alone (as opposed to the average house in Vietnam) would make any middle class (& below) person strive hard to becoming a trainee and actually want to stay. The well-equipped studios and living quarters seem to provide the boys with a good stable lifestyle where they can, in turn, fully focus on what they’re there to do.

And perhaps it’s also a marketing stunt, but dorming together seems to really help with the boys’ brotherly bonding–always a key focus in these little fangirls’  strange fanfics (yes, they’re already starring in handfuls at pre-debut. Imagine post-debut; it shall be by the truckfuls o.o).

But without much further ado, let’s meet 365:

1. Isaac–the well-rounded, piano-playing, good-singing, Vietgrish-free (darn), choco-pecs leader (mm, I approve!).
Birth Date : June 13th
Voice: Tenor
Musical style: Pop, Dance, RnB, Alternative Rock.

2. Tronie–the group’s dancing leg, and my personal favorite just for his hilarious Kiem Hiep catch phrase “..Đó Mà” (sorry if ya’ll have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s rather untranslatable).
Birth Date : June 2nd
Voice: Baritone
Musical style: R&B Hiphop

3. Will–the…fierce versatile dude?
Birth Date : November 27th
Voice: Baritone
Musical style: Hip-hop, R&B

4. Jun–apparently the group’s main chef o.O..or uh, “the other guy”?
Birth Date : July 24th
Voice: Baritone
Musical style: Pop, Ballad, R&B

5. S.T.–the “ut” (youngest of the family) as well as last revealed member.
Birth Date : December 10th
Voice: Baritone
Musical style: Pop, R&B, Classic

More teased photos:

Isaac & Tronie

Will & Tronie