Poor thing. As if being one of the most disfavored winners up-to-date wasn’t already a setback to the good ol self-esteem (and I sure don’t see why, girl’s cute. She might not be a Mai Phuong Thuy in terms of bod, nor Duong Truong Thien Ly in terms of features, but she rocks her own charms. Isn’t that enough?), Ngoc Han was  also recently chewed and spit out by the public for owing her absence justification to traffic jams.

According to plans, Ngoc Han would wear a pink ao dai to play a young Hanoian lady from the early 20th century to perform on the stage. This is the highlight of the ao dai show in the closing ceremony.

Without the beauty queen, the organizing board had to find another model as replacement.

After that, Ngoc Han cried and explained to correspondents that she could not go to My Dinh stadium because of gridlock. However, many people didn’t sympathize with her explanation and the incident has since then become a hot topic on many online forums.

Netizens commented that Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary is a great national event and Ngoc Han, as Miss Vietnam, was not allowed to miss the event. They questioned why other people were able to attend the ceremony, and yet she couldn’t? One VietNamNet reader wrote, “She said that she left home to My Dinh stadium at 5 and she couldn’t move because of traffic jams. At 5.45pm that day, I could still go from Me Tri to My Dinh though the speed was very slow.”

“If she understood her responsibility, she would have known what to do to fulfil her role,” another reader commented. More similar comments read: “That is not a proper reason for a newly-famous person. You can’t simply excuse yourself like this.” “You are unprofessional!” “You said you didn’t represent Vietnam at the Miss World pageant to prepare for Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary, but now…”

From VietNamNet

Pictures from the rehearsal: