Myy, did I confuse you? That could easily be the case considering that both of the mentioned Mai Chi’s  above also happen to be Nguyens, Nguyen Mai Chi and Nguyen Mai Chi. So who’s who?? Well for one, everyone may already be aware of the girl on the right who most often goes by LaLa Mai Chi. Aside from playing LaLa in teen sitcom, The Four of Class 10a8,  she is also known for her role as Princess Thuan Hoa in the upcoming historical series Great Mentor Tran Thu Do.

Likewise, to the left is also another rising actress. Her claim to fame was her Miss Congeniality title in the Miss Teen 08 pageant, but unlike most other finalists who have used their success to make excessive appearances in the press, Mai Chi have been on the DL for nearly 2 years. However, news of her have surfaced again–since playing supporting role in Mat Na Hoan Hao/The Perfect Mask (2009), she will be taking on leading role as a determined female athlete in the upcoming 75-episode TV series, Trái tim kiêu hãnh/Prideful Heart (2010-11ish) by director Quốc Tuấn. In this series, she will also be starring alongside Tiến Lộc (from historical series Lý Công Uẩn – The Road to Thăng Long), Hương Giang, Vân Navy (from hip hop TV series Buoc Nhay Xi Tin), Thanh Thúy, and more.

Back on point, both lovely ladies were recently seen donning the white dress for their respective photoshoots. While Lala’s shoot featured a more fairytale-esque concept, with cathedral train ball gowns from Juliette, Miss Congeniality’s shoot was more along the lines of classic elegance featuring simpler dresses with sweetheart necklines and embroidered lace.