Say hi to the 5-in-Passion boys of V.I.P:

Are you 1-in-doubt?

Personally, I have never been fond of the general manufactured idol group formula (without genius management, and let’s admit it, that’s not our market’s forte…yet, such things just don’t equate to longterm success in this country of ours) but hey, it’s a whole ‘nother discussion when new grounds are trod. Though I still say this under the state-of-mind that Westlife (don’t hate) and Microwave (despite their rare, if even any, activities) will forever be my only band-loves, I honestly won’t mind seeing  an electro-rock group join the mainstream playground. That is, if their debut single delivers tomorrow. Check out the audio trailer for “Bang Quo/Vague” released last week:

The song is apparently composed by group leader Chau Dang Khoa (Tee) and features, get this, NO afflictions to the human heart. Wonderful. Mine could only take so much after Noo Phuoc Thinh went away with most of it in this beautifulthingofasong. That’s right boys. Sing about loving life. Let’s not conform to your competitor’s Prozac-inducing themes.

4/5 of the V.I.P members with 4/5 of the 4ME band members (both under rookie player HAD Entertainment) performing their joint tribute titled “Lala” at the Hot Music show themed 1000 Years of Hanoi.