Just as the title, itself, is self-explanatory, here is a quick recap of the “hotboys” from the last decade according to Zing. Note that the only objections I have to the mentioned below is Xuan Bac’s unfunny-self being labeled a”star”.  Thanh Loc would’ve been a better example in this case.

First off:

Le Tuan Anh

Famous 90’s actor. He is no longer active in the business but fans still remember many of his memorable roles when he was at the peak of his career. The man, now, bears an uncanny resemblance to my father… o.O

Famous director Ngo Quang Hai

He should have considered acting taken into account that his looks would accompany the camera well.

Ly Hung

The Vietnamese John Wayne. His present day aura still screams badass.

Xuan Bac

Famous comedian who gained popularity from VTV3’s comedy show, “Gap nhau cuoi tuan/Weekend Meeting”.  You would think he’s at least a bit funny. Yeah, no.

Lam Truong

One of the most famous singers from  the 90s when the Vietnamese pop industry was only in its early developing stages. Truong is also recognized as the first national “pop star” in the market.

Minh Thuan

Famous singer with the 90’s smash hit “Tinh Tho/Poetic Love”. Thuan is still active as a singer today.

Chi Bao

The hotboy of television dramas way back when. I’m not too sure what he’s doing now (other  than getting to attend every star studded event out there) but word has it that he  is currently running his own company.

Dam Vinh Hung

Everyone and their mother ought to have at least heard of his guy. According to Zing News, Dam Vinh Hung is much more handsome now than when he first appeared in showbiz. Really now.

Quang Dung

Famous singer who have been caught in numerous whirlwinds of scandals and bad press, some of which involves ex girlfriend Thanh Thao and wife Jennifer Pham. It seems that, nowadays, people know more about his scandals than his music. Pity, since in my opinion, he actually has a good voice.

source: zing