Let’s check out the hottest hits of the second week of October!

10. Qua Khu Em Dem/ The Good Old Days – Ly Hai

Composer: Huynh Nhat Dong

A melancholic ballad about a lost love, “The good old days” is the typical, torment-ful love song that catapulted Ly Hai to fame 5 years ago. Released in August, the song finally reached the top ten of Zing music chart after two months.

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9. Ngoi Sao Le Loi/ The Lonesome Star – Phan Dinh Tung

Composer: Le Huy

Another ballad singer, Phan Dinh Tung, made it to Zing Music Chart’s Top Ten, scoring the 9th spot. The sad ballad is the confession of a man who was occupied by gloomy thoughts about a love that was never meant to be. Whenever he looked up at the lonesome stars, he is reminded of his own lonely status. In short, he’s a classic case of a lovesick and insomnia victim.

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8. Doi Thay / Changes – Noo Phuoc Thinh

Composer: Nguyen Hoang Duy

Talented teen idol Noo Phuoc Thinh revisits the top ten at the number 8 spot. “Changes” is the title song of his latest single. It is a heartbreaking ballad (again, there are only so few words to describe how sad, depressing, tragic, & sorrowful these Viet ballads are T__T) about a man who refuses to let go of the sweet love that has become mere memories as the woman had a change of heart. Good vocals but the instrumental is a bit lacking. Anyway you should check out his single; it’s the best release of October so far in my opinion.

7. Ton Tho Mot Tinh Yeu / Worshiping a Love – Khanh Phuong feat. Bang Cuong

Composer: Bang Cuong

Khanh Phuong, the singer of the smash hit “Chiec khan gio am/ The warm scarf”, returns to the music scene with a duet featuring Bang Cuong. The song is a ballad, of course, but with a rockish vibe thanks to Khanh Phuong’s rough voice (which I personally find very annoying). The lyrics tell of a man who still worships an unfruitful love –commenced due to the woman’s cheating. The song is a bit too noisy for my taste but I guess a lot of Khanh Phuong fans would worship this song like a delusional man worshiping a lost love. To each his/her own.

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6. Canh Chim Hai Au/ Seagulls – Tim (Cat Vu)

Composer: Nguyen Van Chung

This is my personal favorite on this list, along with Noo Phuoc Thinh’s Changes and Ho Ngoc Ha’s Tim Lai Giac Mo. A poignant ballad written by famous ballad composer Nguyen Van Chung, this song laments a man’s foolish trust in his long-distance relationship. He eventually realizes that he and his lover would never be like a couple of seagulls that could accompany each other back to the nest at night-fall. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody and beautiful voice. 10/10. I’d like to see this song snatch the number one spot next week.

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5. Khi Mua/ When it’s raining – Dong Nhi

Composer: Dong Nhi

This is NOT a ballad (phew -bphan). Khi Mua is the kind of cute catchy pop song about an adolescent’s innocent first love. I’m too old for this but Dong Nhi’s humongous teens/preteens/twens fanbase ate it all up and that’s why the song is right here at number 5, topping all the ballads.

4. Tim Lai Giac Mo/ Recalling the dream – Ho Ngoc Ha

Composer: Nguyen Hong Thuan

This woman is in a class of her own. Her charismatic voice transformed this generic ballad into a moving melody that will be stuck in your head for hours. Fresh off childbirth, she has already scored a hit with this song.

3. Cau Vong Sau Mua/ Rainbow After the Rain – Cao Thai Son

Composer: Nguyen Van Chung

Nguyen Van Chung’s second song in the top ten. I’m so proud of my favorite composer. I’m not too fond of Cao Thai Son’s voice but he’s currently HUGE in Vietnam.

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2. Dieu Uoc Gian Don/ Simple Wish – Akira Phan

Composer: Khac Viet

This simple song is about a simple wish of a simple man about a simple love. Except not really…and more along the lines of being about a man who wishes to protect his woman and remain by her side forever. The vocals aren’t anything impressive but the melody is  beautiful.

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1. Yeu Thuong Quay Ve/ Love’s Return – Cao Thai Son (again)

Composer: Khac Viet (again)

So Khac Viet as a composer and Cao Thai Son as a singer rule the chart this week, each having two songs placed in the top ten. This number 1 song is the type of sappy ballads that the majority of Vietnamese music listeners have taken a liking to. And you can believe it considering more than 9 million listens have been counted for this song on Zing MP3! Well, the lyrics sure are touching:

[Man to woman] “Please stop crying, don’t make me cry with you!” LOL

Anyway this song tops the chart the week 10/9-10/15

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Who will trump Cao Thai Son’s almighty reign next week? We will know soon enough once Zing decides to get off their asses and update the chart in time (teehee, we have been guilty of this for the past month(s), 😛 -bphan). In the meantime, who would you like to see at #1 next week?