End of the Runway (Cuoi Duong Bang) is an enticing television drama that tells the story of little ugly ducklings and their transformation into becoming the most beautiful swans to ever grace the fashion industry. Hoa Mai, Thuan Thien, Yen Nhi, Lan Anh are individuals whose characteristics, life stories, and fate with fashion differ from each other, but are tied by one common ambition–to succeed. Their dream is not frivolous however, for when confronted with the trials and challenges that plague the fashion industry, each person is able to discover his or her own path. This reality thus brings forth mixed tales of happiness and tragedy for our characters through their journey for success.

This series aims to present the boldness and diverse trends in clothing, based on elements that draw from circumstance, taste, style, and seasons so that its audience can take and adapt such fashion sense to their own liking. Furthermore, viewers can benefit from lessons on walking with confidence and grace, maintaining a beautiful countenance, and holding up one’s stature.

DFS Drama studio received a sum of approximately 1 million USD in investment from TVM and boasts different camera angles on scenes that are shot outside and within TVM studio. The 50 episodes will star actors and actresses such as Bao Chau, Diem Chau, Truong The Vinh, Bang Di, Kelbin, Tuyet Nhung, etc.

End of the Runway, by Vietnamese-American director Lê Văn Kiệt, is expected to air this December on HTV3.

Some casting and behind the scenes photos:

Director Le Van Kiet (far left)