The boys of 365 have recently uploaded new daily shots of themselves onto their Facebook, and though this is done often, these new photos are actually newsworthy this time. Along with a photo of group leader Isaac pumping his guns, another photo, captioned as “365’s master”, has apparently caught everyone’s attention.  It appears that actor & martial arts choreographer Johnny Tri Nguyen is juggling new responsibilities as 365’s (martial arts) mentor.

Go figure. A Ngo Thanh Van project is ultimately a Johnny Tri project–that we knew. However, is this necessarily a good thing, considering my expectations are now to the stars (no pun intended, to all you  Stellaris)? Along with singing, dancing, and all that jazz, these boys better debut with some kind of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon flying-all-ova-da-place stunts to make me a fan. That said, the group’s latest update has been a casting call to all fans to tryout for a role in their debut MV project.

Their Facebook page have previously hit the 6,000 fans mark, but it seems that 20,000 will still be at least another month away. That is… only then will the “date” for their debut is announced. For all we know, the date could be set for next year. Just we wait and see.