Don’t doubt it; Duong Khac Linh‘s involved. Again.

Watch and listen:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So honestly, besides the HD letters on the video and Nam Thanh’s obvious duty to fulfill his shirtless quota, the trailer itself didn’t lay much impact on me. I suppose  my eyes were  already too transfixed on the poor font choice and inept special effects to notice (twinkle twinkle?)…but producers, really?? 1 million USD and ‘Almost-Illegible-Cursive’ was the most professional font you churn out? If not for the trenchant redemption made by abs! what sounds like Thuy Chi‘s voice (correct me if I’m wrong) and eventually what sounds like Thuy Trang‘s voice (again, blind guess), in Duong Khac Linh‘s new pop ballad tunes, me and this series would be long over.  Even before it airs! But simply due to the so far so good insert songs, especially the second (@ 3:12) which nearly sent chills down my spine, me and Show are back on. Glad that’s settled.

Here is the very first teaser for the series which runs about 40 seconds long as opposed to the trailer above:

Vodpod videos no longer available.