An unfortunate incident has happened to Vietnam Idol’s favorite judge during one of the show’s recent taping. Siu Black dutifully (and bravely) took on her part in the final round of Vietnam Idol, even though her tears were tears of pain.

Approximately 30 minutes before cameras started rolling on Vietnam Idol’s Gala 1 stage, the film crew was first to notice the strange absence of their all-too-familiar idol judge, Siu Black. While the other judges (Quoc Trung, Nguyen Quang Dung, and Diem Quynh) were busy prepping for the show, a few audience members let out shrieks of shock at the sight of Siu Black being carried in on a stretcher by backstage and medical staff.

Everyone can see a pain-stricken Siu Black upon arrival with a swollen, bruised left leg which was crisscrossed with bloody wound marks. The audience was immediately touched by Siu Black’s courage and loudly cheered her on. MC Phan Anh then revealed that Siu Black had been in an accident on her way to the show, while other media sources cited that she and her son have suffered from an accident earlier that day, causing her to be hospitalized until that night. Sister Siu said that, “Even though I am under much pain, I still strive my best for our ten final contestants because the accident should not affect my ability as a judge!”

For a little over an hour of live taping, sister Siu continues to shine with smiles and laughter as she offers her sincere critiques along with comments made by the other three judges. Only those present at the studio can truly see the pain that Siu Black was going through every time the taping pauses for commercial break. Much admiration should be given to Siu Black for her strong work ethic and dedication to a million plus Vietnam Idol followers. Chi Phuong, a makeup artist for the show, relays, ” Sister Siu has cried, but tried hard to hold the tears back for the show was about to start.”

After the ten contestants have performed, Siu Black was then carried off stage and headed to the hospital for treatment. One contestant shared that the whole group and VN Idol staff/contributors will visit sister Siu the next day.

Err, I have a hard time focusing on homework with a headache, let alone a bloody aching leg. Much admiration indeed.

Siu expresses her pain in the following consecutive segments: