The new MV doesn’t say (well, it doesn’t say much of anything for that matter) but I mean, obviously OBVIOUSLY.

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Hot in the heels of My Homeland Vietnam, which has gone viral in practically every Vietnamese forum online, Anh Khang finally releases an official MV for his title track, “Ai Con Cho Ai/Who’s Waiting for Who?“, from his debut album. Though the setting is limited to a mere bus whilst the camera is strategically maneuvered to flaunt its diverse panning angles, I’d like to believe that this was  done intentionally to preserve the overall mood of the song and NOT due to the lack of creativity for an actual storyline. Coming from the Propeller Group? Naww! Afterall, nothing too busy can be drawn from a lullaby-like tune without totally altering the original mellow vibe.

As usual, the song stays true to Anh Khang’s signature style with a charming blend of modern and traditional. However, when juxtaposed to “My Homeland Vietnam” which incorporates traditional instruments into its modern genre, “Who’s Waiting for Who” abides by the opposite. It is the acoustic instrumental of only guitar and a hint of woodwind that is actually buoyed by Khang’s (Vietnamese style) folksy execution. All in all, the song is a nice reminiscence of his claim to fames:

“Beo Dat May Troi/Drifting Blossoms, Floating Clouds”
Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Di Hoc/Going to School”
Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Note that these 2 covers (featuring Quang Thang) dates back to only his underground days therefore these privately recorded versions might be a bit low-quality.]

After being discovered by Music Faces’ founder, Duc Tri,  and already with the release of his first album (made possible by MF musicians Dũng Dalat, Hoàng Anh, Laurent Jaccoux), Anh Khang has only begun to make his mark in Vpop. We forecast that his wayfare will be with promising clear skies.