Why these Vietnamese marketing syndicates always recreate the same romantic photo sequences for their ads is beyond me, but I can’t necessarily say I don’t enjoy scrolling through them. Especially when it’s 2 very different individuals such as Fashion Star 08 Sam Ha  My and rock-band Titanium‘s drummer Tony (Quang Nhat) Nguyen as the paired models, this shoot just seems a lot…cuter (for lack of a better adjective).  I don’t mean that in terms of physical cuteness, which they are, but cute as in if this was a movie, I’d watch. Since a “Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, they fall in love” scenario would clearly be too cliche, the rocker vs little miss sunshine setup could possibly ease it with a whimsy element–a whimsical cliche is better than a cliche-cliche anyday, right? ….Well, I’m no screenplay writer for a reason and it’s probably for the best. 😛

But I digress.

While the 2 are adorable together, what exactly is the netbook’s importance here?

Oh I see, as Sam’s expensive piece of arm accessory…I vantt von tooo.