Vietnam Idol’s judge, Siu Black, was admitted under hospital care after the show’s live taping of its final competition round on 10/23. The need for medical attention was brought on by an accident that happened while she was on her way to the show. For the past two days this judge has, by no means, been idle however. We just learned that the ten Idol finalists have gathered to visit sister Siu in the hospital, where she has been staying to receive surgery for blood extraction on her wounds. In addition to the bruises, sister Siu’s leg bone is slightly fractured, but her health is in stable condition and have been enjoying the company of her ten idols.

Judging from the bruises on her knee, I don’t think the accident was minor. Kudos to Siu Black for her unflagging spirit. I shall think twice before calling in sick next time if it was possible for Siu to make it to work on a compromised leg.

Via Zing