I swear, his compositions may no longer be the substantial stuff they used to be (Tan Bien, Vut Mat, Goc Toi, etc..) considering every new song either sounds like a version 2 of his previous work or simply a remix with new lyrics, but is it me or are the lyrics getting more and more .. bizarre? To say the least. For example, May Trang‘s “Home Alone” is but a catchier, more (lyrically) random version of Bao Thy‘s “Ngoc Nghech”. His own “Linh Hon & The Xac” is practically a less effective version of “Goc Toi”, as the rhymes sound too forced. And now with this latest release, “Halloween“, revealed today,  I can’t help but LOL at the Lady Gaga & Rihanna references… and point out how similar it is to Thu Thuy‘s “Microphone” which already sounds a lot  like Lieu Anh Tuan‘s “5 P.M.” Give me a list of songs and I can almost always identify the ones composed by Nguyen Hai Phong. Not to say that this one is any less entertaining (because honestly, it’s the funniest one yet, in a good quirky way) but I really miss his old works when his career was only budding. Anyway, here’s the  new Halloween tribute featuring all artists under his new company, NHP Entertainment, including ex-Radio Band members Ngo Kinh Lam and Linh Phi (who used to go by Sophie Thuy Trang):

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