…still did not make for a dull day. Though it sure was one longass night to remember.

And yes, that was how long everyone was up for, strenuously working on the 365 MV shoot. Beginning 7 P.M (Friday), the shoot spanned on until even after 2 P.M (Saturday).

Unfortunately, I only made it until 5 AM before my eyes managed to cop forty winks (and then eventually 943082930 more), but in the few hours of exchanging with director and crew, it has been a wondrous behind the scenes experience. Here’s to sum things up:

-The plot & concept conjures controversial pop culture themes (sorry, we’re not allowed to reveal more :)).

-365’s Tronie choreographed the dances

Ngo Thanh Van and manager Gao will appear in the MV; NTV as a lead scientist and Gao her cronie scientist.

Johnny Tri Nguyen choreographed the fights where the group escapes the cryostasis chambers and facility after being accidentally unfrozen by Ngo Thanh Van. (we probably weren’t suppose to reveal that either, so for the record, you didn’t hear it from us!)

-the much anticipated fighting scene takes place here:

-The song was described by Chris as “dope” (lol), although to prevent the song from being leaked, the VN stream’s audio was muted. We shall further wait to hear the song, but for the time being, my gut feeling says it might sound a little something like this. (note: the countdown on the link is only counting down days until the website’s official launch, NOT when they debut)

-Director of photography, Brett Juskalian (Journey from the Fall), played cameraman being the only crew member present in Vietnam.

-There were LOTS of “<3-related” fangirling activities in the Vietnam stream chatbox. We were amused.

-The mind-blowing FC logo and all other graphic design works were created by Chris and team.

– 2 AM in America looked a little something like this (from Squish’s perspective, of course):

-All the while, 2 AM (technically PM) in Vietnam looked a little something like this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more recorded clips from the live streaming on Friday and Saturday, click here.