I have a fetish for architecture; can you tell?

While the bustling city of Saigon was out partying, working, scaring people, whatever it is that they do on Halloween last night (which probably doesn’t include trick-or-treating..or do they now?), many also stopped by the Bitexco Financial Tower (BFT) despite the downpour to witness the official inauguration of Vietnam’s new highest tower standing at 262 meters high with 68 floors.

According to VNRE, this lotus-shaped tower is a symbol for the development of Vietnam in the era of international economic integration.

Photo courtesy of Kiva Dang on flickr

The BFT tower was designed by Carlos Zapata, a renowned architect who has designed the Cooper Square Hotel in New York and Sodier Field Stadium in Chicago (USA). Structural steel and glass of the building simulated a lotus – the national flower of Vietnam.

Mr.Carlos Zapata shared, “When learning about the cultural significance of the lotus for Vietnam, I found the inspiration to design this building. The lotus symbolizes purity, close-knit and optimism towards the future. With those characteristics, BFT tower will be the typical image representing for the Vietnam people in the region and in the world.”

Advantages of the tower include a helicopter pad on the 50th floor and it’s ability to withstand earthquakes that measure up to eight on the Richter scale (Badass! Now to test that..muaha ;)).

Located at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s business and entertainment belt, bordered by District 1’s Ngo Duc Ke, Hai Trieu and Ho Tung Mau streets, the project estimated a whopping cost of about 270 million USD.

For some reason, with  the whole light emitting from the tower show, I can’t help but anticipate for Batman-and-all-of-his-greatness’s grand entrance (probably via that helipad) as the highlight of the opening ceremony (I mean, it does look like some kind of a national securities building, and a very cool one to boot). But Gotham city this ain’t, so uh, enjoy!:

Source: VNRE, Kiva Dang (photos),