You’d be surprised:

Punk-in’ and the gurh! And Khong Tu Quynh wasn’t even the gurh! (bin working on mai Truc Duy-inspired Vietgrish, yu lyke? :))

Khong Tu Quynh

Le Huynh Anh (that poor cardigan!)

Oh, and there was also Ngo Kien Huy who less-interestingly channeled a skeleton.

The photos above are of course only movie stills for an upcoming comedy feature called Thien su  99/Angel 99 by director Minh Cao. As evident with the casting formula consisting of popular starlets, the production company in charge is none other than Phuoc Sang Films who, earlier this year, lucked out with Teen Princess and the 5 Brave Generals being the highest grossing Tet 2010 feature. Had they not given practically half of Vpop a cameo role packaged with average acting and excessive laughter-inducing jokes for plot, Nu Hon Ruc Ro would probably have been the bigger box office hit. But then again, competition for Tet 2010 premieres was already  low from the get-go (not including Don’t Turn Around When in Love which automatically flopped for not being a lighthearted Tet-sy film). Well, if this year’s competition was pathetic, next year’s is hardly any at all, what with only Angel 99 and Hon Ma Sieu Quay/Superbad Souls in the running.

The revealed cast, so far, for Angel 99 includes singer Khong Tu Quynh (Teen Princess; Color of Love), actor Le Huynh Anh (Bi, Don’t Be Afraid; For June), singer Ngo Kien Huy (cameo on Teen Princess; Ugly Girl), actress & aspiring singer Anh Nhat (White Shirted Angels), Phuong Trinh (Third Comes Students), comedian Chi Tai (Teen Princess), and more.

I’m not too psyched about movies starring singers for acting quality purposes (although I’m honestly not picky about it either since the market is still small), but I must give it to Khong Tu Quynh for her acting chops. Despite her voice being dubbed over in Color of Love, she emotes well enough to get the point across, and unlike Bao Thy in Teen Princess whose acting seem shoehorned and outright pretentious, Khong Tu Quynh was a damn natural. As for Le Huynh Anh, boy can act- this I know. Anh Nhat’s could be my only concern despite her long acting experience. I can’t exactly put a finger on it but her presence bugs me –moreso now that she “thinks” she can sing and is “on the way to becoming a singer” as NewGen’s new artist. *sigh*

So far, all that is revealed about the movie is: Khong Tu Quynh will play a caring tomboyish lead who can’t be lady-like to save her life (aw, did Huynh Anh steal your thunder? :)), Huynh Anh will play a literal angel from heaven, and Anh Nhat will play the leader of their school’s most popular clique.

I’m curious to see how the supernatural bit will tie into the story but before I get too ahead of myself, let’s be reminded that these Tet-time films are typically meant to be fun, less serious. Expecting too much substance would be an exercise in futility. However, I certainly look forward to being proved wrong.

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