FYI, it’s not a sci-fi movie about R2-D2’s cousin.

After a series of highly artistic and controversial films such as Song Trong So Hai/ Living in Fear and Choi Voi/ Adrift, award winning director Bui Thac Chuyen is ready to dive into a new genre of films: Horror.

While this type of genre is still in its infancy in Vietnam, Director Chuyen hopes to change this with Rh108. In collaboration with writer Bui Kim Quy, the script took nearly one year to perfect. According to the director, the film plays with audiences’ emotions, stirring a looming mysterious fear that captures their curiosity from beginning to end.

Numerics may be common in U.S-base films but it’s a rarity to see them in homeland films. So what does “Rh108” mean exactly? In all honesty, we here at VCWP haven’t a clue neither. O.o

The director has chosen to stay mum on the subject to keep everyone on edge. Smart move, I’d say. Instead, he did reveal one thing; he’s currently looking for talent but experience is not needed. Casting will take place through various means such as schools and professional arts center in coordination with a network of collaborators nationwide.

Director Chuyen also revealed that he has invested the most time into scouting the perfect actress to play character Chieu Duong. “Despite being 16, Chieu Duong’s thoughts are as limited as that of a six year-old due to mental injuries inflicted upon her childhood. With illusions and afflatus, she can see through other people’s moods. The girl sometimes looks naive, but occasionally can get sad and cold. She not only has the pure soul of an angel but also appears to be the  harbinger of the most horrible disasters.”

Castees at the first casting session held in Hanoi even included familiar faces such as famous beat-boxer Minh Kien, Van Anh, MC Thanh Trung and model Linh Son. The movie is currently predicted to be due Summer or Fall 2011. Hopefully then, we’ll get some answers regarding the enigmatic name: Rh108 (sounds like a scary new element that I’ll never be able to remember. *shivers*Chemistry*shivers* -B).

Via VTC NEWS & Dan Tri English