The Vietnamese Facebooking community  was recently bombarded with in-studio videos labeled “FB idol” of random people singing, and it seems that this virtual fun has expanded to yield real-life results.

First things first, let’s clarify popular misconceptions: the Fb in Fb Idol is short for Feel the Beats (the name of Phuc Bo’s recording studio which has serviced famous artists including Ung Hoang Phuc, Bao Thy, Wanbi, etc..) and NOT “Facebook”. I admit, that’s what I’ve been thinking for the past month, too, when the competition was still young, but then again, I could have cared less about this whole Fb Idol buzz until recently. With the competition’s end near approaching, it is revealed that 3 female finalists (Quynh Nhu, Mina Lieu, & Quynh Van) and 2 additional recruited members (Thuy Oanh & Thu Hang) will be formally introduced and/or showcase at the  FB Finale Gala to be held at  Hollywoodome Cafe this Thursday (11/11 @ 7 PM).

Quynh Nhu
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Quynh Van
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mina Lieu
Vodpod videos no longer available.

So they’re no My Linh‘s but the voices were definitely more impressive than what I initially imagined  would  be coming from a free online competition comprised of a teen/twen majority where votes  are determined through Facebook “likes”. And I’m not even referring to these girls. A number of other contestants were oozing with so much talent, I was pleasantly shocked.

Anyway, meet the currently called FB girls (note that this project was not officially confirmed for long term activities and could simply be just for the gala night) :

1. Quynh Van aka Gau Zoan – you might recognize her from Minh Quoc’s “A New Day” MV

2. Thuy Oanh – Miss Teen 09’s Miss Talent (for her singing)

3. Mina Lieu – you might recognize her from many of Noo Phuoc Thinh’s MVs

4. Thu Hang

5. Quynh Nhu aka Nhu Nita

PS: Guess who else were “feeling the beats” at FB studio:

upcoming 365 Band and boss-lady Ngo Thanh Van

Nguyen Phi Hung

Truc Duy