Next stop, France!

Big Toe, an 11-member Vietnamese hip-hop dance crew, won 1st place in Southeast Asiaโ€™s Battle of the Year (BOTY) contest in Singapore last month. The crew battled for the win with five other hip-hop crews from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. The win made them qualify to compete in the World BOTY, which will take place in Montpellier, France in November of 2010.

The World Street Battle Contest in France will last nine days consisting of 19 hip-hop dance crews from five continents. These crews all went through qualifying competitions to get the World Championships so there is going to be some of the best dance crews in the world gather at this battle.

Big Toe started in 1992 with just seven member. They grew to 60 members divided into 4 crews. They have formed an army of the best dancers for battles across the globe and is considered to be one of the first true hip-hop crews in Vietnam.

Big Toe received many awards since 1992 including a Certificate of Merit by the Vietnam Electronic Sport and Recreational Sport Association under the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism just this year on Oct. 12. Next year they will be touring France and Germany with their new hip-hop production, Cam Xuc Thay Doi (Change of Emotion).

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