Word. Plenty of singles in record, and now we get an official-official one. Ok Miss I-do-everything-backwards. Your topsy-turvy, non-conformity ways may have me vigorously scratching my head (I showered, I swear), but I love you regardless (no homo).

Then again, if it took you nearly 3 years to release a debut album; I would hope that this single’s release date is an accurate estimation.

According to sources, the impending single, called “Lanh Lung/Cold”, will contain 2 MV versions: a dance version and a plot version. The dance version will feature dance crew Buoc Nhay while the plot version will reunite Dong Nhi with Ong Cao Thang, the attractive vampire in all 3 MV‘s of her debut album.

In the same sources, it is also revealed that ex-Weboys member Ong Cao Thang will soon return to the music scene with an upcoming solo debut album, after nearly 2 years of hiatus. With fellow label-mate Pham Quynh Anh‘s  recent comeback to the market also after 2 years of musical hiatus, can’t say we didn’t already expect this news. Looks like WePro is up and kickin’ again.

Anyhow, here are more photo teasers for Dong Nhi’s single:

Via Zing, 2Sao, & Kenh14