FB Studio recently uploaded 2 extremely short clips onto Facebook teasing 3 of the 5 members from its newly established group. The first teaser, featuring Thuy Oanh, was unveiled some days ago while the second, knocking out two birds with one stone with Mina Lieu and Gau Zoan, was unveiled today.

In them, actor Ho Vinh Khoa (Hotboy Noi Loan/Hotboys Gone Wild) is shown to be shaking the living daylights out of Thuy Oanh, Mina Lieu is PO’ed at Ho Vinh Khoa, and Gau Zoan’s face is zoomed in on, revealing a single teardrop….all in slow-mo, of course. How angsty:

First Teaser

Second Teaser

Live performance at the FB Idol Gala on November 11.