If you thought the first version didn’t really live up to it’s title, then that’s because it was technically the “Good Gurr” version.

While the first one seemed to focus more on the movie’s plot (Saigon Yo) as it clearly implies a good Truc Duy, the second one indirectly serves as a sequel with its own contriving plot. In short, spoilers ahead, bad gur Truc Duy (I am having WAY too much fun with her new nickname) definitely stole good gur Truc Duy’s boyfriend! Poor thing.

Anyway, loving that the MVs’ characters somewhat reflect the 2 contrasting female leads in the movie: Miss Goody-Two-Shoes versus Miss Rebel-Breakdancer. Interesting use of the parallelism device, I’d say.

Bad Girl & Ha Hien (one of the male leads in Saigon Yo)

Good Girl & Sali Dusoh (the other male lead from the movie)

Here’sĀ  the trailer for this version if you missed it on our channel earlier: