Honest truth, all truth, and nothing but the truth? LOVE Thao Trang‘s voice, but her singing (in certain songs..being most tracks from her last album “A New Me”) has grown as bland as a bowl of cold white congee my mom would serve to a sick me. Her new single “Trai Ngan” from her album reminds me of  just that–I’m eating but can’t taste anything, as much as I still dig the  overall song which was composed by Duong Khac Linh and written by herself.

Ironically enough, the only reason I dare say this is because I know darn well she could and has done better, especially during her Vietnam Idol (Season 1) days, but  recently, it only sounds like her vocals were leashed to the safe proximity of  a new “pop” image. Maybe it’s just the recording. I don’t know. But until I finally hear that one song that actually hits home (ok, I’ll credit her for a beautiful performance of “Angel in Me”, and a  catchy, consistent, pop-sy perf of “Sick of This Love”), my unsatisfied relationship with Thao Trang’s new “pop” image will continue to stay on-edge.

However, just so it’s clear, I do like Thao Trang, spunk and all. So with that, I do sincerely congratulate her (along with Noo Phuoc Thinh) on the recent “Most Promising Singer” win at the Blue Wave Awards.

Angel in Me

Sick of This Love