Girl’s got me on a roller coaster ride.

First I was iffy about her transitioning from an internet celebrity to singer. Then I was excited to know she could compose and is debuting with Noo Phuoc Thinh. However, I was disappointed when she sounded merely decent. Afterward, she goes M.I.A for some time and is randomly spotted in TV dramas. Then I was actually proud to hear that she only went M.I.A to return to training. Then girl releases a surprise demo of “Xe Dap” for Vietnam’s Teacher’s Appreciation Day, totally impressing me with the clearly improved vocals. However, that remains simply a demo for she had no plans to record the whole song as perfect as that song is to her voice & image. Most recently, she finally released a debut single, a cover of Noo Phuoc Thinh’s “Nhu Mot Thoi Quen/Like a Habit” and also my personal favorite from his album, in which the new instrumental, to me, was just mediocre. However, my philosophy for covers still stands: if you can’t cover something and make it better than the original, don’t. Regardless, it’s not a bad attempt though I’d still much rather her in songs like “Xe Dap”.

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