After a series of auditions and casting calls for his horror flick Rh108, director Bui Thac Chuyen has narrow the list for his leading lady. And the lucky favorite is?

A well-known 17 years old named Nguyen Thuy Duong aka Yu Duong.

She possesses the right criteria to bring the “ghostly” role to life with her pale skin tone, child-like face, fragile body and gloomy eyes. While her resume isn’t short of TV roles, the teen had to compete and outperformed her competition in a series of acting tests and requirements set by Director Bui during the audition stages.

While there’s still no confirmation on this heavy favorite, the actress has expressed her interest in the script and her eagerness to fulfill this difficult role.

Currently, Yu Duong is in the final testing stages. If everything goes accordingly to plan, filming will start after Tet and hits theater Vietnam-wide by Halloween.

Meanwhile, this Vietchanneler will not be reviewing this film because I’m a scaredy-cat.

Duong as Trinh Thieu Khanh in Kenh14’s online picture novel, Mui Ten Cau Vong/Rainbow Arrow.

Duong, Gao (365’s manager also producer of Mui Ten Cau Vong), Will (365)