Being the big entertainment company on Vpop campus, Music Faces Ent. proves to us that besides churning out individual artists and idols, collectively, they are one spankin’ happy family. Happy, talented, successful, famous family. And who better to promote ‘family lovin’ than the ideal family of Father Duc Tri and Co.?

Check out the new family collab called “Chung Mot Nha/One Family” aka “Soul Nation Theme Song”.

“Soul Nation” is a new hip hop movement that has recently partnered with Paz y Dessarollo, the Spanish Peace and Development non-profit organization, as well as UNFPA to support the young people in Soulfaces to  participate in cultural activities as well as promote creativity, art, and music. The goal is for them to take a primary prevention approach to domestic and gender-based violence and instill gender equality attitudes in young Vietnamese people for healthy and happy relationships.

Music: Anh Khang
Lyrics: Pham Anh Khoa
Mix: Nguyen Hoang Anh

Internet-turned-real singer Anh Khang

VN Idol 07 Phuong Vy

Thao Trang

Rocker Pham Anh Khoa

VN Idol 08 Quoc Thien

RnB singer Le Hieu

Ho Ngoc Ha

Actress Kathy Uyen

Rapper/Singer Kim

White Noise band lead

Rapper Ha Okio

former AC&M band member Hoang Bach

supermodel Ha Anh

Quan Rapsoul


“Do You Dare” Soul Nation Trailer

Pham Anh Khoa on domestic violence

Actress Kathy Uyen on domestic violence

Chung Mot Nha/One Family Concert