Late last year, Coca Cola had Phuong Vy, Thai Trinh & Tien Dat represent them in the Vietnamese Open Happiness campaign. To step up their game, Pepsi recently summoned 5, instead of their usual 3, artists to participate in their own campaign.

After 4 months (Sept-Dec) of soliciting online youths to contribute creative maxims relative to living “đã” (no exact translation but, here, it vaguely means “to the fullest”, which is also the ad’s catch phrase) and what it means to them, PepsiCo Vietnam, assisted by artist Phuong Uyen, was finally able to put together this catchy little song using the 15 best entries:

Kim (right)

Half Egyptian singer Kasim Hoang Vu

Ta Quang Thang

Ha Anh Tuan

M4U member Dinh Manh Ninh