We, B and L , are here on the sole purpose of “attempting” to bring back some life into the Vietnamese media. Seeing as to how I (B) cannot find any decent/interesting Vietnamese blogs to kill time with, even with our vast virtual expanse of the world wide web today, decided to CREATE one myself. And in the process of doing so, dragging my good friend, L, in on it as well. We’ll scourge the internet regularly for fun and up-to-date(hopefully) news relevant to the whole “Vietnamese” subject matter,  even if that means I (B) would have to give up my precious Stare-into-the-wall-out-of-boredom-time, and L giving up her fangirling-time (L, if you are reading this, DON’T EDIT THAT OUT. muahahha).  Oh and I also happen to be a run-on sentence addict, so theres the heads up on that one :). But anyway, no promises made . Let’s just see how it goes. ouiii?

And here’s a little something about Cox260:

A Ho Chi Minh native who has been transplanted in US since the age of 12.
A superstar math teacher by day and an Asian teeny-bopper by night
A drama addict. I study Korean dramas, memorize TVB dramas, and wish one day I can do the same thing with VietNamese dramas.
A music enthusiast. I am willing to listen to anything from Kpop, Cpop, Jpop, Vpop.
I’m a variable. I am at times rational, sometimes irrational, and most of the time imaginary.

About Phoenix487:

I’m a 20+ years old girl who:
… was born in Vietnam
… came to Toronto at the age of 15
… is a 4th year student majoring in Economics and Marketing
… is modeling and acting as a part-time job
… loves dancing
… can play piano and write songs
… wants to have a PR company in the future and a coffee lounge lol
… is willing to take initiation to change the lame hip-hop scene going on with V-entertainment

About Tmai87:

– Came to 1/50 States at a young age.
– College-grad bound
– Completely oblivious to the V-Ent. scene until VCWP came along.
– Not musically, artistically or athletically talented. But, I don’t let it stop me from attempting.
– A workaholic at times
-Loves to shop, eat, and sleep.

From Asia Life Magazine

44 Responses to “About”

  1. I Says:

    AHAHA. I just came by your site, I’m actually excited to start reading on all those run on sentences of yours! And to know more about the Vietnamese entertainment! Woot =D

  2. Mary Says:

    Really nice site! It makes keeping up with Viet entertainment so much easier! ^____^
    Oh…will this only be for Vietnam stars…or will you also post news about Vietnamese singers in America?

  3. bphan1492 Says:

    ^We do post about the Vietnamese American celebs, but its hard to find anything other than whats on PBN, Tinh, Van Son, Asia, etc, so compared to the Viet celebs, its less often.

    We’ll definitely try to dig up something though :).

  4. joseph Says:

    I just recently discovered Tang Thanh Ha from watching the series Bong Dung Muon Khoc, and “ahem”…..i’m kind of obsessed with her now. But who can blame me right? Don’t worry, it’s really just an admiration for the personality whom she is and the talent that she is…..and lastly, her ability to be breath-taking even without make-up. I came across a youtube video clip of her recent visit to Orange County, CA for an autograph signing and “meet the public” thing. Wished I had discovered her sooner and been able to go to that event and taken a picture with her. You guys have any news on when she will be appearing again in California? Or how about an address for fanmail?

  5. cox260 Says:

    Unfortunately, the show she did in CA was the first of its kind and it was her first trip. I think we have to wait a while for another show like it. As for fan mail … I think we’ll have dig a lot more to come up with that, but we’ll definitely try to

  6. doughnut Says:

    I loo0o0o0o0ve you guysss.

  7. Kimmiemai Says:

    This site rocks!! I’ve been wondering what’s hot in Vietnam Ent in general, but never knew where to begin. I actually got interest in Tang Thanh Ha after skimming through your blog. Update more on her well-being and new music please. 🙂

  8. tiff Says:

    hey, i’m glad this blog’s around. I didn’t even know there were such things as singles and stuff in vn music. it’s glad to know we’re getting so up to date.

  9. littlemonkey Says:

    love ur blog.

  10. Linh Bee Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed by how a gossip site, even a viet one, can be so well-written.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. tuy3tz Says:

    Its a good effort you are doing. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your post.

  12. puma Says:

    really enjoy your site. keep up the good work:)

  13. Luoc Lee Says:

    I’m so happy to find your blog site.

    Love to meet others thru myspace.com/luoclee
    or facebook.com/luoclee and youtube.

    Thank you.

    actor Luoc Lee


  14. xrhjfo Says:

    who is that in the picture?

  15. baboboo Says:

    like many of the others, its great to see a site that concentrates on the viet entertainment industry so we can see how entertainment there is shaping up to be.

  16. Snoie Says:

    Your site is awesome! I love Viet entertainment news! I’m glad it’s in English…I read faster in English than Vietnamese T_T Keep up the good work!!! ^O^

  17. Andrea Says:

    I’ve been looking for a site like this forever!!! I felt just a bit TOO into Korean stuff for a while and needed to explore my own culture y’know?

  18. orangekiss Says:

    Good job you guys and loving the site! Awesome source to keep myself updated with vpop entertainment news ;]

  19. anna Says:

    love the blog 🙂 beenl ooking for one like this

  20. Anne Says:

    they look familiar

  21. Your blog is excellent !. V-entertainment is best !

  22. hcmcdavid Says:

    So are you guys viet kieu or what? Nobody in Vietnam speaks English that good.

  23. pikkachu Says:

    I love your site!
    There’s so many sites out there on kpop I’m really happy I found a site about vpop. Now I can keep up with what’s going on in vpop ent. =)keep up the good work!!

  24. duq Says:

    you guys are doing an awesome job with the updates on the blog. keep it up!

  25. phy Says:

    hi i’m new to this site. it’s rare to find a blog about vpop so thanks for the translations and stuff. i love vietchannel!

  26. crys Says:

    I’m a new vietchannel-err. Thanksss for the updates! been looking for a viet blog like this for a while!

  27. LD Says:

    I find it pretty interesting that young Vietnamese Americans still care about Viet entertainment news like you guys. I guess I’m not the only one. You just got another follower right here. Keep up the good work

  28. PR Says:

    I’m so happy that there’s a blog about Vietnamese entertainment!!! Thank you guys so much for keeping up with the updates and running this blog (and also the Vietchannelwp). 😀

  29. AHHH thank you!
    I’ve been looking for Vietnamese music that deviates from Thuy Nga and the lame stuff the last time i checked 5 years ago. This has renewed my faith 🙂

  30. blahhh Says:

    Thank you so much for making this blog!! I’m Vietnamese, but sadly to say I know nothing about V-entertainment. I’m sort of getting curious now, and am really excited that I found a wedsite dedicated to the Vietnamese Entertainment Industry. So thank you!!

  31. Vietnamese music lovers can also get up-to-date information on Vietnamese events, shows, and concerts worldwide on our website: http://www.vietshowworld.com.

    You can also read news, view photos and videos of your favorite performers, as well as requesting them to your city.

    All are welcomed!

  32. Thank you for this website! I was bummed out listening to all these Asian countries doing great pop music and then looking back at my home country having nothing but these really (good but…) slow ballads/R&B. Top it all off I must be a horrible vietnamese to not be completely fluent in the vietnamese language. So, yeah, thanks you guys!

  33. Ldp Says:

    came across your lil site here & really appretiating what your doing.

    Im a 21yo australian born, love viet music can read and write viet okay ….

    are you guys able to make me into a vietnamese singer ?

    ill help you guys write =]

  34. Gundo Says:

    Aloha! vcwp ftw!

  35. Hi There,
    I am travelling through Vietnam during December and I want to check out some cool art in Ho Chi Minh -I am interested in Video Art and Graffiti Art. Can you offer any advice?


  36. Eileen Says:

    sweeet. really didnt know there was a v entertainment site around like this. ^^

  37. Maria Says:

    What a genius move in creating this site! Finally, a place where i can get decent vietnamese media news. Paris by night, Asia, and Van Son are not cutting it anymore. Keep it up!!

  38. http://learnvietthrumusic.forumotion.net

    We are a small international community of people who would like to learn viet.

    Hope there are kind souls out there who could help do translations of Vietnamese songs. We would really like to do more but resources are limited.

    Thanks in advance

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    We do not know how to get ahead.
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  40. Mandy Says:

    Hi! You’re blog is awesome. Your articles have really taught me a lot about vietnamese culture and music. As a viet kieu I had never really paid attention to the viet music scene when I was young.Thank you, I hope that you will in the future write more articles.

  41. Hi i look for Musicpromoter for Radio and TV for Vietnam 🙂 Pleace feel free and Contact me_ Werner

  42. Loi Huu Nguyen Says:

    Keep it up.second and thir generation Vietnamese need conect please please

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