Ao Dai

For most girls in Vietnam, the typical high school memories consist of a long slender white Ao Dai. (more…)


and dies..


On the morning of November 5th, Miss Teen  2010’s Top 20 finalists paid a visit to the Temple of Literature (aka the Confucius Temple), one of Hanoi’s finest historical sites. (more…)

It was revealed yesterday that Miss No-show also took on a role in the highly anticipated collaboration featuring Hồ Ngọc Hà and 9 other male singers (Noo Phước Thịnh, Chí Thiện, Hoàng Hải, Đại Nhân, Ngô Kiến Huy, Quang Vinh, Cao Thái Sơn, and the 4 members of V.Music).


Poor thing. As if being one of the most disfavored winners up-to-date wasn’t already a setback to the good ol self-esteem (and I sure don’t see why, girl’s cute. She might not be a Mai Phuong Thuy in terms of bod, nor Duong Truong Thien Ly in terms of features, but she rocks her own charms. Isn’t that enough?), Ngoc Han was  also recently chewed and spit out by the public for owing her absence justification to traffic jams. (more…)

In celebration of the 1,000 years anniversary of Hanoi (how many times have you heard us say this already ? o.O), Hanoian stylist Hoan Khang who is currently living & working in HCMC has joined the plethora of artistic tributes by creating his own photobook, titled “Đẹp mãi ngàn đời/A Thousand Years of Beauty“. (more…)

Last night’s 4th annual Dem Hoi Chan Dai 4 model event saw the attendance of more than 200 guests including many popular super models, Miss(es) Vietnam, famous designers and young models… (more…)

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