Ao Dai

But this year’s HTV awards yielded just too many unpleasant sights…

Case in Point: Exhibit A

Comedian Tan Beo thought it’d be cute to live up to his name (Beo = panther…which is almost like a leopard…which..well they’re all cats). Looking as if he belonged more at the zoo than the red carpet, Beo’s horrendous fashion statement definitely claimed his status as Thanh Hang‘s proud successor.



A handful of Vietnamese TV dramas these days focus on teenagers and director Nguyen My Khanh‘s latest project, Luc Lac Huyen Bi is of no exception. But right off the bat, what seems to already set this certain series apart from the others of its kind is the completely obvious fact that yes, the girls are finally retrieving their white student ao dais and shelving the conveniently popular “skirt-and-blouse” concept. Yes, we can also only imagine how hot and sticky and uncomfortable it could get under the Saigonese heat and especially to be filming for long hours in a day, but for what it’s worth: YA’LL LUKIN GEWDD. (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available. (more…)

I can’t help but love this season more and more. If Tet simply meant getting to see everyone in their cute  little traditional wear (especially the guys and their khan dong’s), I wouldn’t mind! (more…)

Dubbed as the ultimate Vietnamese teen icon with her elegant looks and smarts (in 2007 she tested into not one but TWO colleges with the highest possible entrance exam scores in one and runner-up in the other which is practically like graduating as valedictorian and salutatorian elsewhere), Đặng Thị Mỹ Dung, or Midu, has been a very well-received ‘hotgirl’ in the entertainment industry. Aside from her many accomplishments (honestly, try putting valedictorian, teen model, MC, TV host, Miss Hot VTeen 07,  and the spokesperson of a couple handful of products all in your resume and see where that gets you), the girl has also been recognized for epitomizing the ideal “VietNamese beauty”. In a recent spring photoshoot by famous photographer Louis Wu, Midu once again dons the signature student ao dai with lotus buds in hand:


That’s short for best friend; Not boyfriend.

The lovely Bong Dung Muon Khoc actress was recently caught on camera while shedding tears of happiness at her best friend Kim Hien‘s wedding ceremony. Looking gorgeous in her simple pink Ao Dai, Tang Thanh Ha is always by her best friend’s side when the bride experienced anxieties during the pending nuptials.

Also spotted with Ha, though, is her “rumored love interest” from Singapore. While the falsehood/truth of these rumors  are still kept on the DL,  one can’t deny these two look great together.

Congrats to Kim Hien  for tying the knot! I wonder if Ha, herself, will be heading down the aisle soon?

Awww. (more…)

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