Ao Dai

Dam Vinh Hung (far right) voted Male Artist of the Year by experts

But the other big winner of the night, Ho Ngoc Ha, happened to be a no-show. (more…)



On June 28, the final decision was made leaving most audience members present at the White Palace in HCM surprised. (more…)

I have been a huge fan of ABC Textiles, especially their new “short” style.   I have been blessed enough to have some of these pieces in my closet.  Hope I can have them all, but here’s a favorite out of my closet, also goes well with jeans… and comes in several different colors …  always a head turner. (more…)


The three-part competition of VietNam Supermodels 2009 ends with a catwalk in ao dai.  (more…)

Designer Vo Viet Chung will be taking 8 models from Elite and his ao dai collection named “Xuan Ha Thu Dong/Spring, Summer, Fall Winter” to Kotfa Fashion and Tourism Week in Korea next month. (more…)

David Minh Duc

David Minh Duc

In the year 2010, Ha Noi will be celebrating its 1000 years anniversary. VietNam has been preparing for this year long celebration for the past 5 years.  Also joining the celebration will be designer David Minh Đức and his collection of 1,000 ao dais.  He and his team is to research, investigate, and create a complete collection of ao dais retelling its story throughout times.

David Minh Đức loved designing since he was 13.  After 20 years in the business, he is mostly known his work in Miss Earth 2007.  Here is the clip from Miss Earth 2007 showcasing his design:

I’m  excited to see how this collection will be presented, since it is 1,000 ao dais.  I like Minh Duc for his “old” style ao dais, very loosely fitted, but combined with beautiful fabric.  It is also great to see the history of this dress.  Here are some samples from the collection:


For my love of Ao Dais/Vietnamese traditional dress, here is a collection featuring Huỳnh Thanh Tuyền, who will be representing VietNam in Miss Bikini International 2009 held in China at the end of this month.  She currently ranked number 1 in popularity polls, followed closely by Ukraine, Mongolia, Cuba and Venezuela.

You can probably find her in a bikini all over the internet, however, this collection was artistically done by Nathan Lee of Na Productions.  I just love the bright, bold, and textured look of the dress.  Personally, I think ao dais are all about the fabric.  Style-wise, I am not a fan of the over the top Westernized styles.  No matter what, it has to keep the traditional lines and structure; otherwise, to me, it’s just an Asian-inspired dress.

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